Egyptian Dental Syndicate

April 25, 2018

Research and continuous education Committee

The guidelines for accrediting scientific lectures/courses by the Egyptian Dental Syndicate (EDS)

Accredited courses are the courses or programs approved by the EDS to affiliate its stamp on the course’s certificate. Course content must be sent to the committee at least one month before the start of the course and the committee will reply in a 15 days time from the arrival of the content.

It is the EDS responsibility to organize the continuing education process. EDS should cooperate with private profit gaining organizations or individuals for the benefit of EDS members.

Course content will include

a- Organization
b- Course Director and CV
c- Course Speakers and their CVs
d- Course Synopsis
e- Course objectives
f- Course Aramentarium
g- Course Duration
h- Disclosure form

A. Accredited organizations

i- Universities continuous education programs
ii- Governmental health agency programs (health ministry, police academy and military hospitals)
iii- Organizations programs accredited by the EDS
iv- Scientific presentations at conferences or congress or meetings accredited by the EDS.
v- International programs accredited by EDS upon mutual agreement.
vi- The courses by the organization itself or its branches.

B- Course Director

The course director must have an acceptable credentials within the same field.

C- Lecture/Course Speaker(s)

a- Course speaker must have a fair credentials within the same field of the undergoing accreditation lecture/course.
b- Speaker will be granted 2 credit hours for each 1 hour presentation
c- Max. credit hours granted for a speaker are 30 per whole course or program.

D- Course synopsis, objectives and armamentarium

Detailed course setup will be submitted to the scientific committee of the syndicate for approval. The committee will check the course content liability to be categorized as basic, intermediate or advanced.

E- Course Duration

It is the committee sole purpose to inspect the course duration being enough for each candidate to obtain 50 minutes practice during the hour or the credit hour will be deduced and not fully granted.

Disclosure Form

Every speaker should declare any financial interest or conflict of interest to any of the products mentioned in his lecture/s and state the type of interest. The scientific committee reserves the right to reject any lecture or course where it is decided that this interest will affect the knowledge received by attendees.

Please download the applications below


Accreditation application form

Disclosure of relevant financial relashionship and conflicts of interest

Attendee's evaluation form

Please submit the required documents to the continuous education committee through the e mail

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